Auto Care Engine Cleaning Spray

Auto Care Engine Cleaning Spray

Gross Becher Auto Care Engine Cleaning Spray Penetrates into and dissolves the contamination over the engine swiftly. Does not cause oxidation in case of an anhydrous use. Suitable for application after turning off electrical components such as a battery, distributor, and alternator. As well as cleaning ensures a more radiant and renewed appearance. Use: Use: [...]

2K MDF Kit Activator

Gross Becher 2K MDF Kit Activator (2-Component Fast Adhesive). The activator aids in the absorption of the adhesive by the surface, resulting in increased and rapid adhesion strength. Suitable for bonding wooden profiles, MDF, rubber, plastic, and elastic materials, as well as mending and fixing wooden parts. Use: Use: Keep in mind that the surfaces [...]

Tire Repair Kit

Gross Becher Tire Repair Kit  is suitable to use in all automobile models, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and even bicycles, and it allows both flawless tire repair and proper tire expansion. Use: Use: 1. Shake the tire repair kit well before use. 2. Place the part called rod or hose of the product on the [...]

Large Areas

Ürün Açıklaması: Gross Becher ‘INSTANT’ Air Freshener for Large Areas is feasible for use in large areas such as shopping malls, Cinemas, Conference Halls, Public Toilets, Sports Halls, Dining Halls, Factories. Use: Use: Shake the spray well before use. Hold the spray upright and simply press the valve to spray.

Air Conditioning Disinfectant and Deodorizing Spray

Gross Becher Air Conditioning Disinfectant and Deodorizing Spray is a fast-acting, sterilized disinfectant and cleaner designed for air-conditioning systems and inner compartments of vehicles. Suitable for use in house and domestic spaces like toilet and bathroom except for the kitchen. Eliminates unfavorable odors resulting from bacteria, fungi, and germs. Helps prevent allergic reactions and emits [...]

Contact Spray (Lean)

Ürün Açıklaması: Gross Becher Contact Spray (Lean) removes dust, excess oil, and other contaminants from electrical and electronic parts. Leaves no remnant on surfaces due to its high volatility. Resistant to external effects such as moisture, rust, and corrosion. Feasible for cleaning excess oil on surfaces like home appliances, garden tools, automobile door and trunk [...]

Carb/Throttle Cleaner Spray

Gross Becher Carb/Throttle Cleaner Spray removes remnants in carburetors, throttles, injectors, valves, interconnects, and pistons and allows a smooth performance for the engine. Effective in eliminating the problems related to injection systems like stopping, idle defects, over fuel consumption, black smoke. Use: Use: Shake the spray bottle. Spray at a 20 - 25 cm distance [...]

Particulate Filter Cleaner Spray

Gross Becher Particulate Filter Cleaner Spray removes all dirt from vehicles without detaching the filter in any vehicles with a particulate filter. Preserves the unique structure of the filter, prevents high maintenance cost. Reduces operational and installation wastes. Eliminates power loss, smoke, cambus system malfunction logs. Use: Use: You may access the detailed user manual [...]

KrakeX5 All-Purpose Spray

Gross Becher KrakeX5 All-Purpose Spray, used as a rust remover, lubricant, cleaner and protector thanks to its special formula. A supreme product effective in prolonging the life of metal surfaces. Offers long acting and ultimate solutions for surface problems. Suitable for use in factories, workshops, offices, houses as well as land and water vehicles. It [...]

Motorcycle Chain Spray

Gross Becher Motorbike Chain Spray developed for a long, smooth, and flawless operation of movable metal components with its special Teflon-based formula resistant to high temperatures and centrifugal force. Contains durable, high-quality, and binding lubricants. Preserves its resistance for long time after an application. Particularly recommended for movable and heat-exposed parts. Use: Use: Shake the [...]
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